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Privacy Principles

Prosum Health Benefits Inc. is a Managing General Agency and as such does not deal directly with health benefit insurance buyers . We deal only through licensed benefit advisors and brokers , who are required to follow all privacy legislation and who follow the privacy codes detailed herein .

Prosum is committed to holding our advisors personal information ( including the personal information of the clients of our advisors ) in the strictest confidence , and we only disclose such information if authorized by our advisors and/or their clients , if require by law to do so , or if required in conducting business with health care benefit insurers or providers .

Prosum is responsible for adherence to the 10 Principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act ( ” PIPEDA ” ) . The information Prosum collects on Advisors , or their clients , as part of their screening and monitoring is protected by PIPEDA or by substantially similar provincial legislation . Our Privacy Policy is designed for benefit advisors , so that they understand how we manage their personal information as well as that of their clients .

Principle 1 – Accountability

Prosum is accountable for all personal information in its possession or custody , including any personal information disclosed to third parties for processing or other administrative functions . Prosum has established policies and procedures to comply with this declaration , and has designated a privacy officer to be accountable for compliance .

Principle 2 – Identify Purpose

Prosum , through its benefit advisors / brokers , will identify the purpose for which it collects personal information , before or when the information is collected .

Principle 3 – Client Consent

Prosum , through its benefit advisors / brokers , will make a reasonable effort to make sure customers understand how their personal information will be used by the advisor / broker ( or brokerage ) and insurers and providers . Prosum , through its advisors/ brokers , will obtain consent from its customers before or when it collects or uses the personal information .

A customer’s consent can be express , implied or given through an authorized representative . A customer can withdraw consent at any time , with certain exceptions .

Principle 4 – Limits the Collection Use of Personal information

Prosum will use or disclose personal information only for the reasons that it was collected , unless a customer gives consent to use or disclose it for another reason , or it is permitted or require by law .

Principle 5 – Limits the Disclosure and Retention of Personal information

Under certain exceptional circumstances , Prosum may have a legal duty or right to disclose personal information without the customer’s knowledge or consent to protect the interests of insurers , providers or the public interest. Prosum will keep personal information only as long as necessary for the identified purposes for which it was collected .

Principle 6 – Keeping Personal Information Accurate

Prosum will keep personal information as accurate , complete and current as necessary for the identified purposes for which it was collected .

Customers may , in writing , challenge the accuracy and completeness of their personal information request that it be amended as appropriate.

Principle 7 – Safeguards Client Information

Prosum protects personal information with safeguards appropriate to he sensitivity of the information .

Principle 8 – Information Policies Available to its Clients

Prosum is open about the policies and procedures it uses to manage personal information . Customers have access to information about these policies and procedure s . The information will be made available in a manner that is generally easy to understand .

Principle 9 – Accessibility of Personal Information

When customers make a request in writing , Prosum will , within a reasonable amount of time , advice what the personal information it has , what it is being used for , and to whom it has been disclosed .

When customers make a written request , Prosum will give them access to their personal information .
Prosum will respond to the written request in a timely manner . In certain situations , Prosum may not be able to give customers access to all their personal information . Prosum will explain the reasons why and will outline any recourse the customer may have , except where prohibited by law .

Principle 10 – Committed to Addressing Advisor / Customer Complaints and Concerns

Privacy related questions or challenges to these policies and procedures can be dieced to he designated privacy officers . Please direct your communications to :

Ian Allen
Prosum Health Benefits Inc.
2 Old Mill Drive, Suite 725
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 0A2